Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Most Important Movie Ever (in NYC!)

It is interesting how this top secret Sex & The City movie, is really not incognito at all. I was so excited to see this, but with all my sightings around the city in the last month, I have pieced it all together and now have no need or desire to see the damn thing! (Me & every other NYer who have seen the movie live.)

I have no problem with filming in NYC. In fact, there is nothing better than watching a great movie and recognizing your favorite NYC bar, cafĂ©, bookstore. But, enough already SATC! It is safe to say, this film will not compare to the series and now we have to eliminate any element of surprise we may have been anticipating? Oh well, it is what it is…but why can’t they go back to Silvercup? I am sure the old set is around somewhere.

1 month ago:
Walking down 18th street toward Park Avenue South- Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) in full hair & makeup about to shoot a scene.

A Few Weeks ago:
Tons of location vehicles lining Lower Park for what seemed like days. No good sighting here, but tons of background extras and a few nobodies shooting scenes.

Last week:
Chris Noth in a pimped out Benz, filming the same scene over and over again on 40th btw 5th & 6th. He was chasing Carrie. So annoying to block off a midtown thru street for an entire week day to shoot a scene in which its only line is "CARRIE!!!!!!!”

Just saw Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte & Miranda filming a scene for the SATC movie in Bryant Park. They re-created the fashion week tents & made fake snow. The girls were all decked in fur and the scene was Samantha being accosted by a PETA protestor yelling "Murderer!" They looked good- SJP's hair was really dark. No one in NYC is going to have/want to see the movie- we have seen it all being filmed in the streets. It's toooooo much! Follow this link to see my quote on Gawker. http://gawker.com/news/the-most-important-movie-ever-filmed-in-new-york/-319627.php

I am proud to report, that I sent this sighting of mine into Gawker.com (my inspiration) and they kindly published me and added "True". Nice to know they agree. So kind indeed, I didn't even get thrown in with the rest of the stalkers. BEST of all is the amount of comments I have gotten on this (over 20) & the 800 page views in under 3 hrs. Come over here guys....Gawker's getting old anyway.

P.S. SPOILER ALERT!!!! If you happen to have been in a Third World country for the last month- Charlotte is Preggers...finally.


Anna said...

They shut down an entire street for a week?!! Ughhh that would irritate me so much.

I would love to see some of the filming in progress but i can totally understand where it would get very old after a while.

Eileen said...

Is this going to be a made for TV movie? If not, I'll wait until it comes on TV. I can't imagine paying movie theatre ticket prices for SATC!