Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Three Must See Companies!

Here are three must see companies that you will be thrilled you took the time to check out. Lucky for me, these girls are great friends of mine and all have insane talent that translate through their work. These three companies are startups, on the way to being much, much more. You will see from the sophisticated, creative intelligence that each of these companies capture, the success of their futures. A high end T-shirt, a work of art photo of your child, friends, pets or family and a service to organize your “hive”, you will not be sorry becoming a consumer of these three up and coming names.

Nicole’s Pearl Tees- Nicole named her company after her Grandmother Pearl, how sweet is that? Nicole’s fashionista lifestyle comes through in these well made tanks. They are long waisted, which is a dream for tops these days! Btw, I have three.

Claudine’s Collection- Claudine shadowed Houston’s top photographer as one of her first jobs, her talent took her in the direction of her own business…and looks like she hasn’t stopped yet. Check out the image on the homepage- the 2 boys are her own little ones!

Kimberly (Queen Bee) - After receiving her Master’s in Design and heading out to LA with her rock star husband, Kimberly put her talent to work as a designer and artist. My favorite part is how she stayed so true to her own life in her company’s inspirations. Tupelo Honey was the song she and her dad danced to at her wedding. Queen Bee is one of her husband’s most popular songs and my favorite!

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Kimberly said...

Thanks for the shout out, Katie! xo, TupeloStyle :)