Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oops, they missed it again!

Recently there was an email circling about Academy Award winning actor, Denzel Washington and his family visiting army troops in San Antonio, Texas. The base he visited is where soldiers who have been evacuated from Germany come to be hospitalized. The Fisher House may be familiar to some of you. It is a hotel where the families of the injured soldiers can stay for little or no charge while their soldier is recovering on the base. As wonderful a concept as this is, the Fisher Houses are usually full (imagine ALL of the injured soldiers). After touring a house, Denzel asked how much it would cost to have one built. He then, immediately took out his checkbook and wrote a check for the full amount.

The funny, or NOT so funny thing about this is that media completely missed it or did not miss it, but chose not to report on it. What they did report on though, was how Nicole Richie may or may not be endangering her unborn baby by sitting in a hot tub and how Britney is constantly eating fast food.
Apparently, the soldiers were so touched by Denzel's gesture, that they are asking people to spread this story virally. Something else that is outstanding is Denzel's humbled approach to it all. It was nice not to see a statement or release from his publicist on this.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE DENZEL!!! and there are many busy little business men and women from the Lion's CLub who have a yearly fund raiser for The House.. they raise lots and lots all over the country for local and national needs.. mucho kudos to Denzel and them.. p.s. i received that email about Denzel awhile ago and cannot remember if i passed it on.. i don't send too much anymore because everybody about them and then some.. buy your Christmas trees from your local Lions Club group!!!! i remain CAVTJ anonymously..but you can call me Speckjermtublanketmoonunit

Sapphire said...

Since when has the media ever been in the right place, reporting about all the right things and never not-so-important? but then, com'n pregnant women in hot tubs - that's just careless ;)