Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Some E- Cards

I recently came across a few brilliant e-cards from one of my favorite sites, Someecards.com. This is so funny to me, because trying to explain what I do for a living has been near impossible for me when it comes to my family and sadly, some friends. I am currently in the world of interactive marketing. Before that I was an agent in the Fashion & Beauty world. Both equally confusing to family members. I realize now that this confusion is a common phenomenon within families. That said, I have chosen to practice patience when talking to my grandmother about my job and my studies and to only provide information on a basic, need to know basis.

Someecards.com is a popular site developed by a creative director I work with. He also happens to have been the creative mind behind the hilarious Norelco Shave Everywhere campaign. I highly suggest you check out the site- it's fun AND free AND a great way to procrastinate!


Anonymous said...

OMG...really I get it now.. I know what it is..what is it..you! you! your good...my friends and I just talked about this yesterday.. NOBODY really gets what we do..in the daily scheme of things I am not sure I get much.. but, I love this comment stuff..love the shirts, the pix, need an organizer and in the whole specktrum of things ...Holmes Hair is tragedy of Tu Morrow and she might want to cover her dress with a BLanket that she confiscated from the Pilot who has alot of Jerms..I need to go make dinner...and in the words of the notorious Jelly.. ya wanna sangwich ... anonymously CAVTJ

dp said...

A friend sent me an e-card from there this summer and I thought it was so funny! I've been sending them since. Very cool that a coworker fo yours created it.