Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Day in the Life of Girls

I was recently assigned an interesting project for work. The assignment was to assess and analyze the lives of teenage girls (13-17) vs. college girls (18-21). The results of my research were incredibly interesting to me. First of all, I was NOTHING like any of these girls when I was in either of these age groups. Girls these days are much more sure of themselves and a lot more independent. One of my team members was stuck on the idea of bringing in themes of feminism and empowerment, and although important to the girls we were studying, this issue was not central to their lives because, they already live it and know it. Unlike myself and my team member, we had to learn it. Interesting…

Below are REAL life days written by real girls, it is a realistic, humorous tour of their lives.

A Day in the Life of a High School Girl:
Friday: Getting ready for the weekend
3pm: Come home & immediately check Facebook &see what’s going on that night
4pm: I usually send out a mass text letting everyone know what’s going on & where I’ll be.
5pm: 2 or 3 of my best girlfriends come over, we eat stuff, watch TV, mainly TiVo-ed shows like Gossip Girls, The Hills, Desperate Housewives
6pm: we decide what we’re going to wear out and start taking showers & do each others hair & make up
7pm: go hang out at the football game- kinda watch it
9pm:Then after, we see what the boys are doing & try to find a fun party.
1am: get home around and usually some of my friends sleepover & we stay up & text people or if we’re bored, we upload pics from the night on Facebook.
Saturday: Starting the day
12- 2pm: hang out, eat, call people & maybe go shopping to find something cute for that night
7pm: go to someone’s house to start getting ready
8pm: Saturday nights are usually more fun than Fridays, especially if we have a dance or its someone’s B-day, but we usually just drive around listening to music and looking for something cool to do
1am: go home

A Day in the Life of A College Girl:
Girl 1-Weekday
8am: Get up, check Facebook & the weather
8:30am: Go to school café & get a coffee & bagel with some girls from my morning class
9am: Go to boring class
12pm: We go get lunch somewhere on campus
1pm: Go back to my room for a while to nap, chill, check email, hang out, go online- usually just Facebook, my iTunes & Youtube.
3pm: Go to my afternoon class.
4pm: Go back to my room or my suite mate’s room & we either talk, nap or watch a movie. Sometimes I go hang out in this guys room. I don’t know- it’s weird. He’s cute though & super nice.
6pm: We go to dinner
8pm: make plans for that night, it is usually pretty mellow if it’s a week night.
11pm: Its fun to go to the 24 hr coffee house to do HW
2-3am: Usually go to bed around 2 or 3am
I am so over boys…I’m on the verge of becoming a feminist.”

Girl 2-Weekend
2pm: Wake up, eat food because of the intense hangover. “Usually it’s Burger King- I know, gross! But I am too lazy to go anywhere else & it’s perfect for being hung.”
3pm: Take a shower,
4pm: Try to do some HW, try to clean my room, eat again,
5pm:sit in Starbucks for too long gossiping.
6pm: convince upperclassmen guys to buy us alcohol. It usually works if you flirt a lot!
7-9pm: We pregame while we get ready, maybe do some laundry too,
9-10pm: Then go to some parties,
1-4am: Hoping to end the night with my girls & a late night dance party…
“Totally agree about boys…they suck!”

Conclusion: Young girls want to be viewed as women, but still have that “baby tendency”, need to be babied. There actually is not much different between 13-19 year old girls in that regard, unlike, the differences in their everyday lives. Think American Beauty.


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