Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A NYC Guide to Sunday Fun

Want to have a perfectly fun Sunday in NYC? Then follow my guide...Please note, this can definitely be done alone, however, it is recommended that you double the pleasure with a pal.

Ingredients: good friends, trendy brunch spots, famous cupcakes, celebrity sightings, indie flicks, drinks in Tribeca and dinner at a bar/restaurant in Chelsea. Read on for details…

Get dressed and casually stroll to the infamous Cafeteria. Have a delicious brunch and indulge in all of the eye candy around you. Perfect conversation, re- live/re-enact your Friday/Saturday nights for each other. Then stroll in and out of a few stores, buy something you probably don't need and hit up Billy's Bakery. Lounge on the bench outside eating your yummy cupcakes and say your hellos to Chelsea local, Ethan Hawke.

Next, head down to the Angelika movie theater and pick something to see, there are always the latest independent films (my recent pick was Lars and the Real Girl-thumbs up!), so it is likely that you'll catch a good one. The walk from Chelsea through the West Village and over to SoHo is great. Perfect people watching and window shopping.

Walk on down to Tribeca. Enjoy the quietness of the quaint streets. Then settle in at the bar of the old, reliable Odeon. Try a Gosser beer, the bartender will back me on this. When the Odeon starts to feel a bit too cozy, head north on Hudson, and check out Red Cat for your next destination. Try to grab a seat at the bar and get drinks and food. It is quiet and cozy, perfectly lit and always delicious.

By this point, it is past dark, you are probably starting to feel a bit tired, it's around 9pm and the perfect time to get home early, get a good night's sleep and be refreshed for Monday morning. This relaxing day will get you through the stress of your week. Just make sure to repeat every Sunday for the full effect.

Wishing you plenty more Sunday Fun Days...

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Anonymous said...

Hey!! Your post is so NY!!

I agree that we are constantly overindulged and living well beyond our means... to share a story, I took the real estate licensing course for a sales person very recently given my passion for this industry (I work in technology… go figure!!).

The broker who was teaching the class told us a story of how he had been able to buy a 2 bedroom, 1,500 sq.ft. co-op in the upper west side for $950K, just “last week”…

$600 bucks per sq.ft? in Manhattan? I thought? No way, that’s impossible!!

He asked us… is that a good deal or what? We all screamed YES!! He said well… it is a great deal… but never discuss it with folks who live outside New York because they will think you are crazy.

Considering $900k will bring you a very long way in other cities of the country he is right. But it aint NYC!

By the way I hope my parents will never read this blog… because crazy or not we want to own property at some point…